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Whitten, Deister, Godinho Give Playoff Predictions

Today we had the pleasure of hearing from 3 prominent figures in the JAL about hwo they expect the season to play out. Each one: Hunter Whitten (40% owner of Bambinos), Aaron Deister (owner/player for Wrecking Crew) and Kyle Godinho (General manager/player for Express) sat down with us and laid out how they beleive the JAL 15 postseason bracket will look, and then how it will play out.

Of course, all of them chose their teams to win the championship, but a handful of things in between they said were pretty interesting. Let's take a look....

Hunter Whitten

- Believes currently #4 Rapids will end up outlasting Waves for final playoff spot.

- Believes both #1 seeds will benefit from having a bye and make it to the WWCD Cup.

Kyle Godinho

- Believes the old Bison-Cobras rivalry will return to full strength and in dramatic fashion with Bison upsetting Cobras in National Conference Finals.

Aaron Deister

- Believes Rapids will still find a way to prevail their way out of regular season and make playoffs. Once in, he believes they will play like everyone expected them to this season before it's too late and make a run to the Conference Finals once again.

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