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Wall's to "Overhaul" Fog Franchise After Season

At 1-2 and in 4th place in the American Conference, the Fog certainly aren't out of the playoff race by any means. However, they aren't a contender this season, and that's all that matters to the Wall family who took over ownership of the franchise just prior to this season.

Earlier today Josh Wall (Co-Owner & General Manager) announced that after this season the Fog will undergo a massive "overhaul." He explained that this will include "new players" and a "new team name/colors/logo."

This news was already pretty expected from them, the only thing that's different is that everyone kind of assumed it wouldn't be officially announced until after the Fog are eliminated in JAL 15. Though the announcement makes it sound a little bit like they have conceded the season away, that's not the case. The Walls still want to go as far as they can this season, they've now just made it very clear that whether the team makes the playoffs or not, change is coming.

Based on this, it's safe to assume that the Fog (or whatever they end up changing their name to) will not pursue face of the franchise Lucas Myers when he becomes a free agent this coming offseason. Nick Proudfit, Tierney Uhlenkott and Aaron Gehring (who will all also be an FA's) likely won't be pursued either.

Going forward after JAL 15 the Wall's hint they will probably bring on some new rookie players to move forward with the franchise's "new and fresh start."

If the team does not make the playoffs, the franchise's last game as the "Bay Area Fog" will be vs the Washougal Wrecking Crew on Friday night. Fittingly, that game is set to be nationally broadcast on Twitter.

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