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Express Win JAL 15 Championship, Make History

First and foremost, congratulations to the Missouri Express on becoming champions of the JAL 15 season. This is the 3rd championship for the franchise in the last 4 seasons, but perhaps more importantly the Express are now the 1st team ever in league history to win back-to-back titles.

Going into the playoffs the Express were in the midst of an up and down season. They started out 3-0 and then in the back half of the regular season went 1-2, finishing 4-2 overall and making the playoffs at the #3 (bottom seed) in the American Conference. It didn't matter last night though, as Missouri failed to lose even a single game in all three of their series.

As for everything else that happened last night in the JAL 15 playoffs, the results of each series are below. Surprisingly, none of the best-of-3 series went to a game 3...

*NC Semifinals: #2 Bison vs #3 Waves ------- Waves won series 2-0

*AC Semifinals: #2 Wrecking Crew vs #3 Express ------- Express won series 2-0

*NC FInals: #1 Cobras vs #3 Waves ------- Cobras won series 2-0

*AC Finals: #1 Bambinos vs #3 Express ------- Express won series 2-0

*WWCD Cup: #1 Cobras vs #3 Express ------ Express won series 2-0.

To see the individual scores of every game last night CLICK HERE.

Another great season of JAL is now in the books. Thanks to everyone for making this the best wiffleball league in the world! Preparations are now being made for JAL 16, which will likely either begin around spring break (March/April) or the start of summer (May/June).

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