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"Fog" Have Officially Become "Sasquatches"

For the first time ever, the JAL would like to formally introduce to everyone, the Green Mountain Sasquatches!

As the franchise owners stated they would do following the JAL 15 season, the "Bay Area Fog" franchise has now officially been re-branded.

The Fog were founded and owned by Darren Ayoub in JAL 10. In JAL 11, Jacob Rahn was also brought onto the Fog's management as a 49% owner and eventual General Manager. Heading into the JAL 15, several seasons later, ownership was then passed on to Scott and Josh Wall. At that time it was announced by them that JAL 15 would be the final season that the franchise would be known as the "Bay Area Fog" and would become something new afterward. Today that promise has become a reality.

Bay Area's 6 seasons in the league will never be forgotten. The franchise (under the control of Ayoub & Rahn) will always be remembered for bringing a uniquely comedic energy to the league and advancing the league's growth in many great ways.

In the Fog's 6 seasons the team made it to the playoffs 3 times and will of course always have a prominent spot in the history books for unexpectedly winning the JAL 11 championship. Perhaps someday the Fog will be brought back, but unfortunately for now it's time to say goodbye.

Starting over with a clean slate are the Sasquatches. As you can see, team colors will be green and brown with trims of white and black. For those wondering about the significance of their location name "Green Mountain," it is an area between Kalama and Woodland where the Wall's reside. New team jersey's are currently being designed and will be revealed in the coming weeks.

For a final time the JAL bids farewell to the Bay Area Fog, but hello to an exciting new chapter with the Green Mountain Sasquatches!

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