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Lawmen Cut Gaston & Sicklovan, Plan To Re-Build Roster From Scratch

What everyone has been anticipating to occur from the Kansas Lawmen has been made official today. The team has cut Colby Gaston and Cody Sicklovan from the roster as well as has announced that free agent-to-be on Friday, Taite Kleine, will not be offered a contract to re-sign with the franchise.

Prior to being released today, Gaston had 9 more seasons remaining on his contract with the team, and Sicklovan had 1 season remaining. For a few days, Lawmen owner Austin Ryan and General Manager Ryley Larson were reportedly mulling over the idea of trying and keep Kleine with the team by offering him a contract to re-sign, but obviously they have decided to cut ties with that thought.

"Following the idea of new beginnings, we want to rebuild from the ground up," said Ryan. "We wish them (Gaston, Sicklovan, Kleine) nothing but the best moving forward."

Going forward the Lawmen plan to make contract offers to multiple new rookies on Friday when free agency begins. The team has yet to identify the names of those players, but Larson says they are all people he has connections with in the Lacey/Olympia area (where he is from).

"Since we have new management and branding it just seems right to continue pressing the reset button when it comes to our roster," said Larson. "We have a very deep and rich player market up north and plan to use it to our advantage by signing some fresh talent to turn this franchise around."

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