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Kansas Fills Final Roster Spot

The Kansas Lawmen have chosen today to use fill their 5th and final roster spot. The signee is Shea Thomas, a high school rookie from Lacey, WA.

For the Lawmen, General Manager Ryley Larson says Thomas will be a dual ace pitcher alongside fellow rookie on the team Kristian Knight. Thomas will also bat the lineup for Kansas. He is 6'1 and 155 lbs.

With this signing the new franchise Lawmen have completely filled their roster with 4 high school rookies from the Lacey/Olympia area and 1 other non-rookie (Ryley Larson), but even he is also in high school and is from that area. Going forward the Lawmen will be by far the youngest team next season (and maybe in all of JAL history) and probably the most inexperienced team in the league (depending on who the Sasquatches sign).

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