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Bambinos Make Titus Highest Paid Player In JAL History: $275/10-Seasons

As expected would occur, Colton Titus has re-signed with the Cowlitz Bambinos. But as for the details of the contract? You probably didn't expect this...

Titus and the team reached a deal of $275/10-seasons earlier today. The new contract makes him the highest paid player in league history in terms of total dollar amount. His new per-season amount ($27.50) is 2nd highest all-time just behind Sean Guthrie who last season played under a $30/1-season deal with the Wrecking Crew. Titus also has an opt-out option after the 4th season of the contract.

Over the last two seasons the Bambinos have been forced to start filling up their cap space by significantly bankrolling their players. Back in JAL 13 Nate Williamson won MVP in his final contracted season with the team... Afterward Cowlitz had really no choice but to give a favorable deal of $100/5-seasons to re-sign. Now, after this last season the exact same thing has happened with Titus (won MVP in final contracted season) but his new deal obviously ended up being a bigger amount.

Overall, it was just a couple short seasons ago that the Bambinos were loaded with cap space, but now they have just $16.50 left. That's what happens though, when you've got a team full of young players that grow up and into the prime of their careers.

"I feel that the Bambinos have now locked up the two best players in the league," said co-owner of the franchise, Brian Whitten. "I believe that if any team wants to win the WWCD Cup they will have to keep going through us."

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