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Cobras Lock Up Vermilyea With Long-Term Extension Through JAL 19

Last night the San Francisco Cobras closed the deal on an extension contract with All-Star pitcher Connor Vermilyea. Next season would have been the 2nd (and final) season of Vermilyea's rookie contract with the team, but now he will remain with the Cobras long-term.

The new contract is $50/4-seasons, only a $2.50 per-season upgrade from his previous rookie max deal of $20/2-seasons ($10 per-season). During the negotiations the Cobras were willing to give him much more money, but Vermilyea graciously elected only to ask for a small increase. He said that making sure the team still had decent cap space to work with was more important. In total, the Cobras payroll is now $47.50 with $17.50 in space.

"Getting a long-term contract means a lot," said Vermilyea when the deal was finalized. "Now I can't wait to get back to the championship.... Go Cobras."

"We are really excited to keep such an amazing player with our franchise. What he did for us last season was beyond what we hoped for. The scary thing is that he is only going to get better," said Cobras owner, Drew Delucchi.

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