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Recap Of Last Night's Twitter Fight Between Waves & Wrecking Crew Players

Last night members from the Waves and Wrecking Crew engaged in what became the most extensive social media fight to date in the JAL. The beef was started by Waves owner/player Anthony Nusbaum who dished out a mocking comment (as you can see below) about the Wrecking Crew following, a Tweet by the JAL that linked to an article which speculates whether or not the Wrecking Crew's window to win a championship is shrinking.

Of course, after seeing that comment, Michael McElroy, a batter & starting fielder for the Wrecking Crew, was quick to throw shade back the other way. From there, several other members of the Waves and Wrecking Crew got involved in the beef either by also commenting, or by "favoriting" tweets in favor of their team. By the end of the twitter fight every single member of the Waves franchise: Anthony Nusbaum (player/owner), Adam Clark (ace pitcher/batter), Mason Klingberg (batter/fielder), Lane Traver (batter/fielder), and Taite Kleine (batter/pitcher)... had either commented or favorited tweets. On the other side, every single member of the Wrecking Crew had done the same as well, except for team owner Aaron Diester, and pitcher Scott Coleman (who does not have a twitter account). Involved for the Wrecking Crew in one way or another were: Michael McElroy (fielder/batter), Jaden Jantzer (batter), and Sean Guthrie (a batter/pitcher who is expected to re-sign with team soon).

Below is a look at the 2 "main threads" of the twitter fight. There were a couple other "sub-threads" also created that are not shown below.

Main thread #2....

In the end, the 2 main perpetrators in the affair at least wrapped it up semi-cordially....

So.....who won.....?

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