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Why Haven't The Storm Done Anything This Offseason?

The amount of time that JAL free agency has been open is approaching a month now, and so far the Anaheim Storm have done nothing.

At some point between now and JAL 16 the team will have to, as there are only 2 players currently on the roster (Zach Sheldon & Taylor Spears-VanCamp) and a minimum of 3 players per team is required, but the question is when? Team owner Tyler Hudson will inevitably re-sign himself, but what about Kyle King and Kyle Koopman who have also been members of the team for the last multiple seasons?

According to Hudson the Storm are planning to sign "at least one" new rookie player for next season, but Hudson has not publicly commented this offseason about anything else regarding the roster.

Being that the Storm finished dead last in the National Conference you'd think they'd have at least made some sort of noise by now, right?... And it's not like there aren't any free agents still sitting on the market that would help them.

Maybe Hudson (who bought the Storm franchise mid-way through last season) has a plan and it's just not ready yet, or maybe this is just a classic case of bad management. Either way, we'll find out at some point.

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