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Bison Release Mikel Skreen

The Bison were planning to have Mikel Skreen be part of their bright future, but it just couldn't work out. A couple weeks ago Skreen moved away to Idaho, and so today the Bison have cut him from the roster.

Skreen was signed by the Bison mid-way through last season with the hope that he would be able to pick up some slack on the offensive end for the team. Though he didn't have as big of an impact as the team had hoped, they still wanted to keep him around still for next season and beyond. He was on a 3-season deal with the team before being released today and had been a player for the franchise in JAL 10-12 previously.

Going froward team owners James French and Ty Franklin say they will look around for another player to fill in that roster spot, but are not going to add another player "just to do it."

"I don't want to add another player to the team if they're not going to provide a definite impact," says French. "We're confident in what we've got on the roster currently, we'll stick with what we got if we need to."

As of right now the Bison roster consists only of Erik Titus and McKinley Franklin. James French says he is going to re-sign himself as well though.

As for Ty Franklin (who was cut from the roster mid-way through last season), the Bison say they do not plan to add him back on as a player, but that they "might eventually again." As for now, the team likes Franklin as solely a manager of the franchise, not a player.

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