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Brock Johnson Says Kyle Godinho Is GOAT of JAL Now

For pretty much the entire existence of the JAL, Brock Johnson has been considered the greatest player of all time. Still today he has won more championships than any other player (5) and is one of - if not the - most decorated players of all-time (depending how you look at it). His time as the GOAT of JAL in his mind though, has come to a close.

Yesterday Brock issued a statement (which can be seen in the picture) that essentially seems to be his way of passing on the torch of GOAT status to Kyle Godinho, who will be entering only the 5th season of his career in JAL 16 this summer.

There's really nobody out there who disagrees that Kyle isn't a better individual player than Brock was, but that's not necessarily what's at stake here. What factors into somebody being a GOAT is whatever you want to be factored in. After all, there is no official GOAT, it's all just a matter of opinion.

People who look at Kyle vs Brock as the GOAT and lean toward Kyle likely see the debate it in terms of who would win a game of 1-on-1. On the flip side, those who will continue to consider Brock the GOAT despite his comments probably see the whole thing in a broader picture and will point to the fact that he and Kyle played in separate "eras" of the league and that Brock was more accomplished and dominate in "his era" (at least for now).

But either way you favor, Brock or Kyle, the good news is that it doesn't get any more complicated than that. For now, the debate is between those two, and pretty much those two only. However, if Kyle's success keeps up in the next couple seasons at the rate it has been so far, he might lock it up in everyone's minds.

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