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Rapids GM, Ty Johnson, Re-signs Self To Roster

As expected he would do, the Rapids general manager (and long-time player) Ty Johnson has added himself back onto the roster. Midway through last season Ty sustained a season-ending knee injury while pitching. As the GM, Ty elected to cut himself from the roster at that point and use the space to sign another player.

Today, Ty has declared that his knee injury has been progressively healing and that by the start of JAL 16 on June 11th he should be good-to-go. As a result, Ty officially made himself a player on the roster once again. He signed himself to a 1-season minimum contract.

"I'm excited to get back on the field!," he said. "After being the first and only player to ever sustain an injury while playing JAL I'm hoping I can make a good comeback to help my team win."

Ty has been the face of the Rapids franchise since JAL 10. In his career with the team he has always been the ace pitcher, but last season when he went down with injury, rookie addition Jeter Larson stepped into the role. Going forward, Ty says that he and Jeter will be dual ace pitchers for the team.

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