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Bison Sign HS Rookie, Adam Luoto

The Columbia Bison have just signed Adam Luoto to the team. He is a high school junior at Castle Rock and will bat for the team as well as be a backup pitcher behind Erik Titus.

Luoto is a rookie, but he has actually been under contract with a JAL team before. In the JAL 14 offseason he was signed by the Northwest Mafia, but was eventually released just a few weeks later before that season began.

Instrumental in this signing was the Bison's star player, Erik Titus. According to the team's co-owner James French, Luoto was brought to his attention by Titus, and after taking a closer look at him, French decided to make an offer.

"He's a good team player and will do whatever it takes to help us win," said Titus on why he urged French to pursue Luoto.

As of right now all 3 players on the Bison are HS players, meaning the team's cap space is completely empty with 2 spots still open to potentially fill if they choose to.

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