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Lynx Win Competitive Signing Battle For Rookie Ethan Perdue

Most incoming rookie players don't get the luxury that Ethan Perdue got to experience yesterday.... The luxury of having multiple teams fighting over trying to sign you.

After the league released a highlight video of Perdue going through a rookie combine of batting and pitching yesterday, 4 different teams contacted him and made offers. Perdue is 16 years old, so all the offers were obviously the same high school contract type.

The four teams who made offers to Perdue were the Lynx, Waves, Express, and underdogs. After receiving the offers he spent about 2 hours thinking it over before deciding to sign with the Lynx.

According to Perdue, being a key player for a team right away was important, so by the end of his deliberations it came down to between either the Lynx or underdogs. Ultimately, he liked what Lynx GM Erika Halverson pitched him over the phone better.

"I'm excited to play with them (Lynx) because I will be helping them out and rebuilding the team," Perdue said after officially signing late last night.

Perdue will make his JAL debut with the Toutle Lynx on June 11th vs the #2 ranked Cowlitz Bambinos.

In addition to this signing, the Lynx have released Asher VanHoof from their roster. VanHoof had been on the team's roster since JAL 14 but has never played a single game for them. Management cited being "tired of his unreliability" as reasoning for cutting him.

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