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Sasquatches Sign Nick Proudfit

Literally less than a day after the JAL posted an article about "5 teams that should sign Nick Proudfit," the free agent was offered a contract and inked it. Nick Proudfit now plays for the Green Mountain Sasquatches under a 1-season / $5 deal.

The Sasquatches were one of the 5 teams listed as a squad that could benefit from having Proudfit in the article. Reasoning for them was that he could be a good veteran presence to Green Mountain's inexperienced rookie roster. Proudfit played for the Fog last season (who after the season re-branded and became the "Sasquatches") so technically this is really a re-signing.

Proudfit is going into the 4th season of his career is currently the reigning Fielding Crown winner. With this signing the Sasquatches have moved up #10 in the Power Rankings above the Lawmen.

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