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Who Will Be Sasquatches Ace?

There are a lot of questions surrounding Green Mountain that we're dying to find out answers for when the season finally kicks off in June. At the top of the list is, who will be the team's primary pitcher(s)?

As it currently stands, the Sasquatches roster consists of 3-season vet Nickolas Proudfit, and rookies Brandon Koenig, Dalton Carter and Jared Neiman. 3/4 of them have been listed as going to be pitchers this season, though just yesterday Neiman (the only one that wasn't) said that he plans to try it out at some point during the season too.

Going a little further, Carter and Koenig are listed as going to be the team's "dual aces," with Proudfit slotted as #3 and Neiman now #4 on the depth chart. Proudfit has obviously proven himself to be a capable pitcher in the league but he's not a star at it, which is logically why the team will try the hands of the other two rookies first and has placed them higher on the chart.... For now at least.

Carter is currently an outfielder for Whitworth University (D3) and is said to have "the best arm" on the Sasquatches roster by Neiman and Koenig. Carter though, reportedly has somewhat of a bummed shoulder via an injury he sustained not long ago and it is supposedly still hampering him to a degree. As to why the team has acted favorable toward Koenig at the pitching position is unknown.

If Neiman is to give the role a try it's certainly scary to think about his potential. The 21 year old rookie stands 6'5 and is very lengthy. His body type and athleticism are pretty similar to Missouri's Michael Sullivan, who is a top 5 pitcher in the game.

So who do you think will throw the first pitch of Green Mountain's season on June 11? Here's what we think, odds-wise...

Carter: 1/1

Koenig: 1.5/1

Proudfit: 4/1

Neiman: 6/1

*Note, the team still has one roster spot open to potentially fill also.

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