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underdogs Sign Rookie, Isiah Goodman

Ubbelohde Hill has elected to fill their fifth and final roster spot. The team has signed Isiah Goodman to a max rookie deal.

Goodman reached out to league officials earlier this week with the hopes of being able to get on a team. After word of his desire spread around to franchise managers, the underdogs were most interested when they learned of his prospect information: 6-foot-3, 205, 26 years old, and claims he can pitch/bat effectively.

Goodman offered to do a "prospect video" in which he would hit and pitch in front of a camera to prove his talents, but once the underdogs heard he was offering to do so they immediately put a contract offer before him blindly - mostly out of fear that if other teams across the league could see him on video they might want him. Goodman accepted the offer almost instantly upon receiving it.

"I'm pumped," said Goodman afterward. He also said he's eager to hopefully help "turn it (the franchise) around."

After the signing underdogs General Manager Ryan Fish said "Our signing of Goodman is going to be that extra piece to break the underdogs slump of missing the playoffs. We are excited to have him and expect to possibly slide him into being our ace (pitcher) at some point. Time will tell."

The underdogs have not made a playoff appearance since JAL 9, which is the longest active streak of any team in the league.

Goodman will bat for the u-dogs and is currently slotted as the team's #2 pitcher and fielder. The team remains #9 in the Power Rankings.

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