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WWCD Cup Trophy Reconstruction Underway

Back in October the league announced the "original" WWCD Cup trophy would be replaced after the JAL 15 season for a brand new, "bigger and shinier" WWCD Cup trophy with no more championship engravings on it's base as well. Following that announcement there was significant backlash from league members and fans about the idea of retiring the "original" cup, so JAL officials listened and back tracked on it a bit. The final decision? Something in the middle....

The "cup" of the original trophy will continue to be used, but the base will be torn apart and remodeled. JAL officials decided that the base needs more "flare" and are planning to make it larger and brighter. The new design of the base is going to be based on the NHL's Stanley Cup trophy, which has several "rings" that past champions are engraved on. Each time space runs out on a ring a new one is added below, so it grows with time. The remodeled WWCD Cup trophy's base will work the same way.

Reconstruction of the base began earlier today and the JAL will reveal photos when work is completed sometime in the next week or so.

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