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Cobras Release Shawn Godinho, Bryce DesArmo

The San Francisco Cobras have cut both Shawn Godinho and Bryce DesArmo from the roster. Both are veteran players of over 5 seasons and have all-star selections and championships to their names. DesArmo played the last 2 seasons with the Cobras and Godinho joined the team midway through last season as part of the "Michael Sullivan trade" between the Cobras and Express. Both players are now up for grabs on the free agent market.

Though the decision to release the players comes quite a bit after last season ended, Cobras management had reportedly been mulling over the idea to do so for some time. Cobras owner Drew Delucchi says the primary reasoning for letting them go is because of the team's need for better batting. Before pulling the trigger Delucchi consulted Cobras players Connor Vermilyea and Cale Johnson.

Before today's news the Cobras had absolutely no cap space, but now have $5, enough to sign a 4th player to the roster, which they plan to do. Currently the team has its eye on a rookie, but is not disclosing the name to the public.

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