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Brock Johnson Wants to Make "Comeback" To Management

Next month Brock Johnson will be inducted into the league's first ever Hall of Fame Class as a franchise manager. From JAL 4-8 he founded/owned the Cobras franchise and won 3 titles. His career record during that time span as an owner was also a masterful 17-5. After winning the JAL 8 championship he passed the rights of the team on to other hands, and has since never been back into a franchise management position within the league. That though, may change soon, but only if it's "the right fit" for him.

"I'm ready to get back into it," Brock said recently. "Either as an owner, a GM, or some other role like that with a team, but it has to be the right fit, not just any scenario."

The real possibilty of a Brock "comeback" to management began at the beginning of this offseason when he was at one point in heavy talks with Kansas Lawmen owner Austin Ryan about becoming the team's GM, and probably would have been given the position had he not ended up backing himself out of talks with Ryan. Afterward, Brock said "it just wasn't the perfect fit." The Lawmen obviously went on to hire Ryley Larson as GM.

On what would be the perfect fit to return as a JAL manager, Brock Johnson very clearly told JAL media yesterday the "Cobras or underdogs" but also fully acknowledged that both teams are happy and in good places with their present leaders and that his comments are in no way attempts to get on their staffs.

The Cobras being one of the "right" teams makes obvious sense, but as for his interest in the underdogs Brock says its the whole lure of "trying to finally win them a title." As for all the other 10 franchises in the league Brock didn't say he's not interested, just that "it would have to feel right."

His motivation to potentially come back as a franchise manager (in any capacity) after 7 seasons away from it apparently stems from his interest in the challenge to win in today's game as oppose to "the old days of the league." He admits the times have changed and it would be much harder. He also admits the fact that Express owner Garrett Blain now has more Hall of Fame management points (4) than him (3) is spurring a competitive fire in him to try and regain the leaderboard.

What do you think? Should and will legendary JAL manager Brock Johnson make his was back into the front office of a franchise in the league soon?

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