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San Francisco Signs Rookie Kolt Korpi

After signing veteran free agent Lucas Myers almost a month ago and then releasing Shawn Godinho and Bryce DesArmo last week, Cobras management was making clear they are trying to re-tool the roster this offseason. Today that message has been made crystal clear with the signing of rookie Kolt Korpi. He and the team agreed to a $10/2-season deal earlier today.

Korpi is 19 years old and from Toledo, WA. He not only has a long history of playing baseball, but a long history of playing baseball with the Cobras best player Connor Vermilyea. It was in fact Vermilyea that recommended Korpi to Cobras owner Drew Delucchi.

"He's one of the best batters in this area," Vermilyea told Delucchi.

Korpi is currently slotted as the team's new starting fielder in addition to obviously batting the lineup. With this signing the Cobras have filled $64.50/65 of their cap space and 4/5 of their roster spots. It's reportedly doubtful the team will pursue signing a 5th player (which would have to be a HS player under a no salary contract) before the start of JAL 16 next month.

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