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Jacob Rahn Reportedly Mulling A Comeback

Jacob Rahn is and will forever be a JAL icon. He is a former league MVP, use to be a part owner of the Fog franchise, and provided numerous memories in the league on and off the field in his 5 career seasons. Currently he is "retired," and has been for more than a season now, but is reportedly interested in making a comeback.

"I'm thinking about it," Rahn told JAL media yesterday. "It would have to be with a team that's a good fit though."

Rahn's rookie season was in JAL 10 with the Fog (who are now known as the "Sasquatches" franchise). In JAL 11 he became a part owner of the team, won a championship and was named league MVP as well as the Batting Crown winner and an all-star. In JAL 12-14 though, the Fog tapered off and Rahn (and as well as the other part owner, Darren Ayoub) sold the franchise prior to last season. After doing so Rahn "retired."

If Rahn is to comeback as soon as this season, below is a look at a few possible destinations for him based on roster capacity, cap space and team needs.

1. Bison

Rahn and is good friends with Bison owners James French and Ty Franklin. Besides that, analysts have been saying more experience and batters need to be built around their young and emerging star Erik Titus. Rahn would immediately add experience and would arguably be their 2nd best batter as well, behind Titus. Making a return to the league with Columbia would also allow Rahn to immediately get to play for a playoff level team.

2. Storm

The Storm need a lot of work done and lots of additions in order to get back on the right track. The Storm would benefit acquiring Rahn more so than Rahn would probably benefit joining them, but the fact that he and team owner Tyler Hudson have a friendship is a legitimate swaying aspect.

3. Sasquatches

Believe it or not, the franchise managers who acquired the Fog in-part from Rahn could actually use his services right now. The team is young, inexperienced and could use a "wildcard" type of player to potentially provide a spark on and off the field. Green Mountain already brought in veteran Nick Proudfit to the roster as insurance in case their 3 other rookies don't pan out. Bonus insurance is always good. If any of the rookies do pan out to be all-star level guys though, Rahn could find himself on a good up and coming team.

Other teams with enough roster and cap space: Lynx, Bambinos

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