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"Mr. Reliable," Nick Proudfit Will Miss Entire JAL 16 Season

The Sasquatches had a good game plan.... Start from scratch with a handful of rookies and toss a solid veteran on the roster as well to provide some insurance. To fill the role of the latter, the team was banking on Nick Proudfit, a proven vet known for solid play at every position. News has just broke though, that Proudfit is out for the entire upcoming season.

Proudfit informed the Green Mountain organization yesterday that he landed a special project job in Alaska lasting from early June until October. His contract with the Sasquatches is only a 1-season deal, so it's very likely the team will just release him from the roster in the coming days to clear space and sign someone else... Perhaps another "plan B" veteran player?

Either way, this is certainly a blow for the Sasquatches and it will be interesting to see what they do in response.

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