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New Rule: Teams Allowed "Make-up" Games If Necessary

In an effort to prevent as many players from missing games as possible, or any teams having to forfeit a game(s), the JAL has instituted a new rule that allows teams to request make-up games during the season.

"Our league is too diverse now age-wise and there are too many people coming from so many different places across the region that it's not fair anymore to simply say, 'here's the game dates this season and if too many of your players aren't active one of those days you're totally screwed.' We need to have backup plans in those situations, that's why we're excited about this new rule" - Cale Johnson, executive commissioner.

In the JAL rulebook the new rule officially reads: 1) If a team is unable to put an adequate amount of players on the field for an upcoming game then the team manager(s) can request for the game be rescheduled. Players having injuries will not be considered by the league when approving or denying a request. 2) In the unlikely event that a rescheduled game is never able to be made-up then the league will determine which team is most at fault and will name the game’s winner, loser, or mutual losers.

With part 1 of the rule, league officials say that although the words "adequate amount" are used, a request will only be granted if a team truly doesn't have enough active players (minimum of 2 needed) to play. Basically this means a team wouldn't be able to request a make-up just because their star player is out.

With part 2 of the rule, league officials promise they will work closely with both teams to find a date/time/place for any needed makeup games.

JAL officials realize that the installation of this rule gives team managers and players more flexibility going forward, but ask that they please only use it on a must-need basis.

"It's the people in this league that have made JAL so great, so they've earned this flexibility. Please don't abuse it though (haha)." - Brock Johnson, assistant commissioner.

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