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Carl "Mr. Stello" On Verge Of Obtaining Keys to WC Franchise

Renowned and adored Castle Rock High School Chemistry/Physics teacher, Carl Stello, is very close to becoming the leader of the Wrecking Crew franchise. A transaction between Stello and current team owner, Aaron Deister, is 99% finalized and will give Stello ownership control of the franchise. As part of the deal, Deister (who founded the team 3 seasons ago), will likely retain the contributing title of "adviser" within the franchise's management.

"I'm so excited to become part of this league, I admire it," Stello told league officials earlier today. "I come to win and this is going to be a lot of fun."

The transaction is expected to be completed by tomorrow. Once Stello officially gains control he plans to "clean house" with the current roster and release everyone except all-star pitcher Scott Coleman, thus beginning what will naturally become a new era in the Wrecking Crew franchise history.

Stello also plans to change the location name "Washougal" when his ownership rights become official.

Do you know Carl "Mr. Stello?" Are you excited that he is becoming a member in JAL? Give us your comments!

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