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Carl Stello Officially New Leader Of Wrecking Crew

Last night JAL media was anticipating that Carl Stello would become the owner of the Wrecking Crew franchise at some point today.

— It has officially happened!

Stello has acquired ownership of the team from Aaron Deister, who will remain a part of the franchise under the title of "adviser." Stello however, now has total power and in his first acting move as owner has changed the location name from "Washougal" Wrecking Crew to "Longview" Wrecking Crew. Stello said he has deep respect and fondness for the rest of the team's brand (logo, colors, jerseys) and does not want to alter any of that.

Aside from all-star pitcher Scott Coleman, Stello does plan to have a "fresh start" with the roster though. Sean Guthrie, Michael McElroy, Aaron Deister and Jaden Jantzer, all of whom have played for the team over the last 3 seasons, are expected to be released very soon. In replacement, Stello said he's already got some people in mind that he will be looking to sign and will also be open to hearing requests.... Stay tuned!

Inside the front office, Stello is also thinking about bringing on another person in an assisting role, such as general manager, minority owner, president, etc. JAL media can conform that former Storm owner, Kyle Koopman, has already reached out and is being considered.

Welcome to the JAL, Carl Stello!

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