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Rule Change: Teams Allowed To Re-Sign A Player They Cut In Same Season

There was previously a rule in the league that read "If a player is cut by a team, that team cannot sign them again until the next off-season." That rule has been abolished by league officials today, who claim it was stupid and pointless to begin with.

"I honestly can't remember how or why that rule made it into our CBA, but when you really think about it, it makes no sense why a team should be prevented from re-signing someone they cut earlier in the season. It happens all the time in the NFL, NBA, etc. when teams suffer injuries or something and want to bring back a guy who they'd cut a few weeks prior because that player will already know their teammates and the team's system. So I don't know why we weren't allowing it here in JAL, but we are now." — Cale Johnson, executive commissioner.

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