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Could Toutle Rack Up Awards In JAL 16?

The Toutle Lynx aren't a team that immediately make you think of people winning awards, but they're growing, expectedly on the rise — and when you really look at, could be a team that brings home more individual honors than expected this season.

Matthew Morton

Is he going to win MVP or the Pitching Crown, probably not, but the Lynx are hoping Morton will keep developing this season. It's not unlikely that he could represent Toutle in the all-star game this season.

Ethan Perdue

Outstanding Rookie award recipient? Don't be shocked if it happens. He's got an arm and bat and if the Lynx are a playoff team this season it will probably mean this rookie signing panned out well.

Stephen Todd

Todd has already won the Fielding Crown twice in his career and always seems to be in the conversation. Him winning it for a third time in JAL 16 wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

Erika Halverson

If Perdue wins Outstanding Rookie, or is even at least in the conversation, and the Lynx make the playoffs, General Manager Erika Halverson will inevitably be talked about for the Outstanding Manager award.

All of these scenarios could happen in JAL 16 or all of them flop. The point is that it's hard to deny the possibility that the Lynx could (semi unexpectedly) win a bunch of awards this season.

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