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Brock Johnson Predicts JAL 16 Season (Standings, Playoffs, Awards)

JAL administrator Brock Johnson's season predictions are below. To what do you agree/disagree?


National Conference

1. Cobras (6-2)

2. Rapids (5-3)

3. Waves (4-4)

4. Bison (4-4)

5. underdogs (2-6)

6. Storm (1-7)

American Conference

1. Bambinos (7-1)

2. Express (7-1)

3. Lawmen (3-5)

4. Wrecking Crew (3-5)

5. Lynx (2-6)

6. Sasquatches (1-7)


MVP: Colton Titus (COW)

Batting Crown: Troy Flanagan (CR)

Pitching Crown: Colton Titus (COW)

Fielding Crown: Ethan Perdue (TOU)

NC All-Stars: Connor Vermilyea (SF), Troy Flanagan (CR), Mason Klingberg (WC), Isiah Goodman (UH), Kolt Korpi (SF)

AC All-Stars: Colton Titus (COW), Marcus Deyo (MO), Kyle Godinho (MO), Ethan Perdue (TOU), Scott Coleman (LON)

Outstanding Rookie: Isiah Goodman (UH)

Outstanding Manager: Drew Delucchi (SF)


WWCD Cup MVP: Colton Titus (COW)

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