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Darren "The Golden Foot" Ayoub Considering A Comeback

One of the league's most renowned players in history, Darren Ayoub, is considering a comeback to the JAL. Ayoub — nicknamed "The Golden Foot" — retired prior to JAL 15 after selling his franchise at the time, the Bay Area Fog.

Ayoub is a 3-time All-Star and Fielding Crown winner in his six career seasons in the league. If he revives his career it will be in JAL 17, as Ayoub is currently in Europe and will not return to the states until the end of this summer. When Ayoub recently informed league officials of his desire to possibly make a comeback he did not specify any teams or contractual terms he would want to do it with.

Either way, news that Darren Ayoub could be back in a JAL uniform by JAL 17 is hard not to smile over.

*Side note: Ayoub was nicknamed "The Golden Foot" for his unique soccer sliding stops of ground balls in the field.

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