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Q&A With Reigning MVP, Colton Titus

Yesterday afternoon league administrator Ty Johnson sat down with the Cowlitz Bambino's ace pitcher and MVP of last season, Colton Titus. Below are questions and answers from the interview.

Q. Do you think you'll live up to team owner Brian Whitten's hype? He says you won't give up a single hit this season.

A. Potentially. I believe I won't give up a hit depending on how the arm feels.

Q. What is your go-to pre game meal?

A. My pre game meal is a snickers or tiger bar and chocolate milk. Gotta get that protein .

Q. Does your little brother Erik scare you as a player at all?

A. Erik does not scare me. When we practice against each other I drop bombs on him. But he is very crafty.

Q. Realistically, Do you see another undefeated regular season?

A. I can see a undefeated regular season if everyone on our roster is active all season. If not, it will be really tough.

Q. Which team scares you the most?

A. No team scares me. You just have to come to play.

Q. What happened in the playoffs last year?

A. Poor lighting and slippery balls had effect — but we didn't play to our best abilities either, and Kyle shut us down as he does against most everyone.

Q. Do you hate Kyle Godinho?

A. I don't hate Kyle. He's a great player and person and you can't dislike him because he's good or always beats your team.

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