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Wrecking Crew Finalize Roster With Youth

As team owner Carl Stello promised would occur by today, the Wrecking Crew's "new era" roster has been finalized. The team has signed 3 rookies: Alan Luff, Tanner Stello and Parker Patching. All are high school age players.

Would-have-been rookie player, Jesse Gomez, was released by the team at the same time as those 3 signings were made official yesterday. Gomez was — and still is — however, a member of the team's front office as "manager."

The Wrecking Crew roster is now maxed at 5 players with:

Scott Coleman

Kyle Koopman

Tanner Stello

Parker Patching

Alan Luff

More about the new additions....

Luff is a sophomore from Kelso, WA. According to Stello he is "an amazing fielder" and will likely be the starter. "Hype him big," Stello said.

Patching will be a senior next year at Castle Rock and was a key player on their baseball team that made the state tournament a few weeks ago. Patching is expected to be a good batter and being that he pitches in baseball, will likely do some throwing for the Wrecking Crew. Patching is slotted the No.2 pitcher behind Ace, Scott Coleman.

Tanner Stello is Carl's son, and a freshman in high school from Longview. he is expected to do some fielding and batting. This is only the 2nd time ever there has been a father-son/owner-player combo. Carl Stello has nicknamed Tanner and Luff "spidermonkeys" of the field.

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