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Are underdogs In Good Shape Despite Being 1-2?

The underdogs went 1-2 on Opening Day, a record most teams would probably be hanging their head over, but should the underdogs actually be pretty happy with it?

On Saturday the u-dogs played the Bison, Express and Cobras — they were favored to lose all 3, but managed to upset the Bison... and that win may have been the 1 out of 3 they needed most.

Losing to the Express doesn't hurt too much because they're in the American Conference and the underdogs are in the National. The Cobras are in the National Conference but that may not have been a terrible loss either because, realistically, the Cobras are competing for 1st place in the NC, whereas the u-dogs are simply competing for a playoff spot. The Bison, however, are a team the underdogs would potentially need to beat out for a low seeded playoff spot, which makes the fact that they hold a head-to-head tiebreaker over them a really big deal. Assuming no 3-way tie occurred, all the underdogs have to do to finish higher than the Bison is finish with the same record as them.

There is obviously lots of games still left to be played, and a 1-2 record isn't something to glorify, but regardless, the underdogs stole a game Satuday and did what they needed to do in order to keep their chances of snapping their 6-season playoff drought alive.

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