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Sheldon: Bison Trading Us McKinnley Franklin In Offseason Was Dumb

McKinnley Franklin spent the first 2 seasons of his career with the Bison, but was traded over the offseason to the Storm.

Prior to the start of this season, Franklin broke his right hand and underwent surgery to repair it just a few days before Opening Day. At this point he was ruled "doubtful" for all of JAL 16, as his cast won't be removed until the entire season is over in August. On Opening Day however, Franklin decided to play.... And it turned out to be probably the best 3-game performance of his career, helping lead the Storm to a 2-1 start.

In retrospect of the offseason trade, Storm owner Zach Sheldon criticized the Bison management earlier today.

"The Bison are trying to fix something that wasn't broken," Sheldon said referring to Columbia's 2nd place finish in the National Conference last season. "Look at their record last season and their record now, with supposedly better players."

The Bison are currently 1-1 and in 4th place in the NC.

Sheldon went on to say that the Bison shouldn't have cut Franklin loose so quick.

"McKinnley was maturing as a player (with the Bison) and I think he will be a key contributor for our Storm team," Sheldon said. "Getting rid of their second best player at the time was a joke," he added.

What do you think, is the acquisition of Franklin turning out to be a big steal for the Storm? Will the Bison regret it?

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