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'No Jersey' Throwback Game Coming Up Sunday

Over the offseason the JAL announced a new tradition the league would do each season — play a 'no jersey' throwback game. The no-jersey game's purpose is to pay homage to the days of JAL when uniforms didn't exist yet (JAL 1-12).

When the JAL 16 schedule was released, Rapids vs underdogs was selected to be the 1st ever no-jersey game and it's coming up on the calendar! On Sunday the game is set for 7:30 PM at CRES Field and will be broadcast on Twitter.

In replacement of wearing jerseys, players on both teams will simply wear normal street clothes, just like was the case "back in the day" of JAL. The Rapids and underdogs were chosen because they are 2 of the league's "original 4 franchises." League officials have not yet determined if future no-jersey games will always be between 2 teams that existed before jerseys were worn, or not.

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