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3 Bold Predictions For This Weekend

Wrecking Crew get beat

On paper, the Wrecking Crew should go 2-0 in their games on Sunday, but don't be so quick to fill it in the standings just yet. Longview plays the Lynx first who seem to be no joke this season and then the Rapids who are expected to have Jeter Larson back in the circle pitching... And, by the way, the Rapids are desperate for a win. The Wrecking Crew are playing at a high level right now, but a glimpse of vulnerability could be seen this weekend in the form of a first loss.

Bison fall to 1-4

The Bison ending up at 1-4 after their games Saturday sounds crazy... Until you hear their schedule and realize it's not out of the realm of possibilities. On Saturday the Bison play the Cobras, Bambinos, and Waves. As of right now they are favored to lose all 3. Although it's unlikely they'd go 0-3 and be 1-4 overall, don't be shocked if it happens.

Sasquatches pull off an upset

Green Mountain's core rookie trio now has experience under their belt and showed significant improvement in their most recent game. Additionally, veteran Tyler Hudson (a big offensive threat) will be back in the lineup for the team and veteran James Manthe was signed since they last played. Hungry for a win, better prepared and with added veteran reinforcement this time out, the Sasquatches have the tools in hand to pull an upset vs either the Cobras, Bambinos or Express.

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