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Are Lynx Legit Title Contenders?

This success has been a long time coming — and the Lynx did it the old-school way.

We all know the story by now right? "The Lynx use to be a powerhouse team from JAL 9-11, then they slowly regressed and by JAL 14 were arguably the worst team in the league, blah, blah, etc, etc." .... Since then, management has rebuild from the ground up, carefully selecting piece by piece — and now we're witnessing the payoff of it.

Toutle is currently 4-1 and in 1st place of the American Conference with 3 games left on their schedule. Last night they took down an undefeated Wrecking Crew team and blew through the Lawmen afterward. Matthew Morton is playing winning wiffleball within the circle and Ethan Perdue, Wyatt Palmer and Stephen Todd are providing the necessary run support to hang with anyone.

The Lynx only loss so far came from the Storm on Opening Day. At the time, it seemed like a bit of a bad loss, but now that the Storm are 4-2 and have a real shot to make the playoffs in the National Conference it seems like a forgivable defeat. Earlier this season the Lynx were turning some heads, however, after last night, they've got everyone's attention.

Two of the 3 remaining games on the Lynx schedule are against the Waves and Express and will no doubt continue to test if this franchise is truly ready to contend for the Cup once again. Sure, the Lynx already have "bigtime wins" over the Crew and Bambinos, but is that enough for us to be convicned?

At this point, the Lynx are probably going to make the playoffs and could wind up anywhere between the 1-3 seed. Will that be the extent of this banner year for Toutle, or can/will they make a run at the Cup?

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