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MVP Race: Top 10 Candidates At This Point

#1 Matthew Morton (Lynx - pitcher/batter) — Previously: Honorable Mention

Matty-Mort, yes, MATTY-MORT has vaulted all the way from being honorable mention to atop the MVP race after this last weekend's games! Morton has the Lynx up to 4-1 overall and in first place of the American Conference. So far this season he has wins over super-star pitchers Colton Titus and Scott Coleman as well.

#2 Kyle Godinho (Express - pitcher/batter) — Previously: #2

Godinho has the Express at 4-1 and is having another fantastic individual season at pitcher, however, what's hampering him to this point is a lack of wins over opposing all-star level pitchers. Godinho had an opportunity to add such a win to his season resume last weekend against Colton Titus and the Bambinos, but was beaten 2-4. Godinho has a great chance to make a final case for MVP at the end of this season though, as he is set to face Scott Coleman and Matthew Morton in upcoming games.

#3 Scott Coleman (Wrecking Crew - pitcher/batter) — Previously: #1

Coleman could have all but locked up MVP last weekend, but he and the Wrecking Crew went 0-2. Still, Coleman played well and only surrendered 4 and 2 runs in those games. Despite losing efforts, those numbers are very forgivable in this MVP race.

#4 Colton Titus (Bambinos - pitcher/batter) — Previously: Honorable Mention

The reigning MVP was able to find his grove again last weekend after a rocky start to the season at pitcher. By beating the Express and going 3-0 overall for the weekend, Titus is back in MVP contention like we all expected him to be. One thing that's helping Titus a lot in this race is the fact that despite his early pitching struggles, Titus has been making a case for the Battling Crown all season long.

#5 Adam Clark (Waves - pitcher/batter) — Previously: Not Ranked

Clark is having the best season of his career so far, the only thing that's holding him back in this race is that he's been out for 2 of the Waves 5 games this season.

#6 Josh Burckhardt (Express - batter) — Previously: #3

Burckhardt has been a hitting machine all season, but was silenced for the first time by Colton Titus over the weekend. For the rookie to seriously contend for MVP he will need to tear into the high quality pitchers of Scott Coleman and Matthew Morton at the end of this season.

#7 Connor Vermilyea (Cobras - pitcher/batter) — Previously: #5

Vermilyea is playing good this season, he's just not playing great. So far he's giving up much more runs this season than he did last season, however, he's still finding ways to will his team to victories, which is of course, very valuable.

#8 Jeter Larson (Rapids - pitcher/batter) — Previously: Not Ranked

Larson is a monster at pitcher when he's on his A game, and we saw that on full display over the weekend when he brought the Rapids back from an 0-3 hole in the standings up to 3-3. With that, Larson now has his team knocking on the door of the playoffs. Also, Larson has also developed into a pretty dangerous batter as compared to last season.

#9 Lane Traver (Waves - batter) — Previously: #4

Lane Traver didn't have quite as good of outings last weekend as he did on Opening Weekend, however, he's still the teams best offensive weapon this season and is helping lead the Waves to their best season in franchise history.

#10 Troy Flanagan (Rapids - batter/fielder) — Previously: #9

Flanagan has continued to smash the ball, however, his highlight reel work in the field has significantly diminished now that ace pitcher Jeter Larson has come alive for the team.

Honorable Mention: Aaron Adams (Storm), Ethan Erickson (Storm), Cale Johnson (Cobras), Tyler Traver (Bambinos)

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