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Free Agents To-Be After This Season

Below is a look at players with expiring contracts at the end of this season. Keep in mind that under the new CBA (which takes effect as soon as this season ends) there will no longer be a salary cap or roster limits, but there will be "stock money" and "restricted free Agency (aka Bird rights)."

Fore those not yet familiar with the new rules of the incoming CBA, click here!

* = Player is currently a member of their team's front office, meaning they would have to drop that position to play for another team.

Restricted free agents to-be

Joe Arroyo (underdogs)

Troy Flanagan (Rapids)

Tyler Hudson (Sasquatches)

*Ryan Fish (underdogs)

Scott Coleman (Wrecking Crew)

Trisha Martell (underdogs)

*Zach Sheldon (Storm)

Anthony Heintzman (Lynx)

James Manthe (Sasquatches)

Matthew Morton (Lynx)

Unrestricted free agents to-be

Jordan Halverson (underdogs)

*Ty Johnson (Rapids)

*Jacob Rahn (Bison)

*Kyle Koopman (Wrecking Crew)

*James French III (Bison)

*Luke Rahn (Bison)

Players with opt-out options after this season

Cale Johnson (Cobras)

TAKEAWAYS: The market this offseason should be relatively deep and contain a handful of "big name" players, unless of course some of them sign extensions with their present team before this season ends.

Which players are most likely to stick with their team or suit up with someone else next season?

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