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Report: Ryan Fish On Hot Seat As u-dogs GM

Although it is unconfirmed and no comment has yet been made by underdogs owner Cathy Woodruff, rumor is spreading that Ryan Fish is on the "hot seat" as general manager of the franchise. Fish took over as general manager following JAL 14. Under his leadership the underdogs missed the playoffs last season and will likely miss again this season. Reports indicate that Woodruff is growing impatient for success and will consider potentially hiring new blood this offseason.

In addition to being the GM, Fish also doubles as a player for the u-dogs, however, his contract with the team expires at the end of this season. According to reports, Woodruff has been very pleased with Fish's performance as a player and even if he ends up being let go as general manager, Woodruff would apparently still like to re-sign him as a player.

Joe Arroyo and Trish Martell are two other players on the underdogs roster with expiring contracts looming and each were signed by Fish as rookies two seasons ago. Prior to this news about Fish's job security, it has been expected that Arroyo and Martell would likely be re-signed after this season, however, now that it sounds like Fish's GM position will be in jeopardy this offseason, it's pretty questionable whether Fish would re-sign them if he retains the job. Re-signing them could be seen by Woodruff as a continued lack of improvement and if Fish turns out to be let go, it would be a pretty safe bet to assume that only Fish at most is still a player on the u-dogs come next season.

What do you think will happen? Does Fish deserve a season or two more as GM to try and finally bring the underdogs back to prominence? If he's let go, should he stick with the u-dogs as a player, or take his talents to a new team? Which potential new team would be a good fit?

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