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Will Hudson or Fish Be Traded To A Contender Before Monday?

The trade deadline is quickly approaching (Monday, July 31) and two notable players in the league could end up on new teams before that point. Tyler Hudson (Sasquatches) and Ryan Fish (underdogs) are both to-be free agents at the end of this season and given that each of their futures with their respective team's beyond this season is in reasonable doubt, it's fairly possible 1 or both could be dealt before the deadline.

In Hudson's case, the 4-season vet is nearing the end of a 1-season contract with the Sasquatches and rumor around the league is that he's become very hungry to win a first ever championship and will likely try to sign with a perceived "contender" this coming offseason. Aware of this, Sasquatches general manager Josh Wall might be wise to trade him now to at least get something in return before most likely losing him cold turkey.

As for Fish, the 2-season vet is already reportedly on the "hot seat" as underdogs general manager. If deep down Cathy Woodruff (owner) knows she isn't going to bring Fish back as GM beyond this season, you may see her pull the trigger early on letting him go. In return, the u-dogs would at least get some sort of new asset to plug into what would become the building of a new "post-Fish" era of the franchise.

Because of the explained situations, if a trade does go down before Monday it will likely involve Fish or Hudson. If that's the case, a number of teams could get involved, but 2 of the most likely are probably either the Wrecking Crew or Cobras. Both squads need offensive reinforcement right now to get over the top in their quests for a championship and both Hudson and Fish can provide it. Additionally, given that both the Cobras and Crew are currently contenders, it's certainly possible they could convince either player to sign a long-term deal after this season.

What do you think? Would it be wise for the Sasquatches and u-dogs to trade Hudson and Fish? Is their another team that could sneak up and make a trade for one of them? Is anyone else in the league worth trading for or trading away before Monday's deadline?

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