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JAL 'Media Con,' A New Offseason Tradition

2 weeks after every season ends a new league tradition will take place — JAL Media Con.

This event will utilize the league's brand new mobile green screen studio which will be set up at one of the league's regular playing fields. At Media Con, which will last Friday-Sunday for a few hours each day, players and managers will be asked to swing by at some point during the weekend for a brief 20 minutes (or longer if they want to stay and play or hangout) to conduct photos, videos and interviews.

Another purpose of Media Con is for league officials, teams and players to use it as a platform for making big announcements such as free agent signings, new uniform reveals or dates for the upcoming season. Lots of live video is planned to be used during the event.

JAL Media Con is set for August 25-27, however, hours and location are TBD.

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