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Could Halverson Return To Lynx Next Season?

Jordan Halverson's career began with the Lynx in JAL 9. In his 5 seasons with the team he won a championship, MVP, and made the playoffs every season....

Then, there was the fallout between he and management and Halverson wound up on the Rapids in JAL 14. Earlier this season Halverson was traded to the underdogs, but at the end of this season he is set to become an unrestricted free agent. So, where could he end up?

Of course, given his batting talents, several teams will be interested in signing him. A few playoff-level teams that are being deemed "good fits" right now are Storm, Cobras and Wrecking Crew. The most eye catching team that would be a "good fit" though, is of course the Lynx.

Toutle already has good batting, but not great. An additional stick like Jordan Halverson could help get them over the top, plus the Lynx are a pretty young, up-and-coming squad that could use a veteran like him. As for Halverson, the obvious benefit of joining the Lynx would be play for a title contending team once again. Last season Halverson and the Rapids missed the playoffs and his underdogs team will likely not make it this season too.

If the Lynx and Halverson can forget about the way things ended between them 4 seasons ago, don't be surprised to see Halverson slip back into a lime green jersey and return to play for the franchise he is in the Hall of Fame with.

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