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Will Coleman Stay With Wrecking Crew Or Sign Elsewhere?

Scott Coleman is considered by most to be the highest commodity on the market this offseason. Coleman has been an all-star in each of his first 2 career seasons and also lead the Wrecking Crew to the AC Semifinals in JAL 15 and AC Finals in JAL 16 a couple days ago. On August 25th Coleman's rookie deal with the franchise expires and many believe his stay/leave odds are 50/50.

On the 25th Coleman will become a restricted free agent, meaning if he decides to sign with a new team the Wrecking Crew will still be able to keep him as long as they match the other team's deal within 24 hours. With that said though, most people believe if Coleman decides he does not want to return to the Crew, team owner Carl Stello would likely just let him walk.

From day 1 of the JAL 16 season Coleman has hinted at in interest to leave the Crew this offseason, however, about 3 weeks ago he also said "maybe... but I'm very loyal" when asked by JAL media if he plans to sign elsewhere after the season.

Coleman is currently the Crew's ace pitcher and "face of the franchise," so losing him would be huge blow to the team that has made it to 3 straight playoffs.

The list of interested teams for Coleman include almost everyone, however, analysts have speculated that the Storm would probably be the "best fit" as they could offer Coleman ace pitching duties and a high powered offense to provide run support behind him. Despite that, rumors indicate that right now Coleman is "most interested" in the Express.

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