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Can Lawmen Develop Into Title Contenders?

The Kansas Lawmen's inaugural season was a relatively quiet one. They finished 3-5 and did not make the playoffs, however, by the end of the season they began looking very dangerous.

Ryley Larson, team general manager/player is the undisputed leader of the young bunch, but there's no doubt that ace pitcher, Shea Thomas, is who the team centers around. It wasn't until game 6 of the season that Thomas finally made his rookie debut, but when he did, everyone's attention was grabbed. After watching him play, most agree that Thomas' combination of speed and movement could vault him to "superstar" status in in due time.

But even before getting Thomas in the lineup, the Lawmen weren't a terrible team, thanks to their offense. Larson, Kyle Casperson and Colton Steepy can all rip. Going forward, the Lawmen will be a true duel threat team.

Another aspect as to why the Lawmen's potential to get really good is through the roof right now is because of how young they are. Larson is the only player who wasn't a rookie in JAL 16 and everyone on the roster is high school aged. The Lawmen's roster is chalked full of promising longevity.

As a final note, the Lawmen's 3-5 finish gives them a guaranteed top 6 Stock Check in tomorrow's Stock Check Lottery (projected to get #4, $90). Even if they don't use any of it this offseason (they've said they likely won't) that's a nice chunk of change to save in your pocket going forward.

So what do the Lawmen have: An up-and-coming star pitcher, good run batters around him, money, youth, and a chip on their shoulder.

Sounds like a team on the rise.

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