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5/6 Waves Players Will Sign 3-Season Extensions on 25th

When free agency opens next Friday, the Waves are reporting that Mason Klingberg, Adam Clark, Lane Traver, Taite Kleine and Shawn Godinho will all be receiving a $15/3-season extension, despite the fact that none of them are free agents. Each of the 5 players have agreed to sign the offer.

The Waves have $30 in stock money following Wednesday's Stock Check Lottery and each player will receive $6 of stock money (aka guaranteed money) in the first season of the deal. In the following 2 seasons of the deal each player will receive $4 and $5 of unguaranteed money.

This news has already draw criticism across the league with some people saying the Waves should not sign 5/6 of their players to multi-season extensions and waste all of their $30 of stock money on the players given that the bunch has lost in the NC Finals back-to-back seasons. Others say a couple of the players, particularly all-star pitcher Adam Clark, is worth way more than a $15/3-season deal. Team owner Anthony Nusbaum says his guys love being Waves and desire to stick together and get to the Cup together.

Waves player Dakota Golden is the only member of the team who will not be offered an extension. Golden has 1 season remaining on his rookie contract.

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