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Wrecking Crew & Coleman: Messy Breakup?

Scott Coleman is officially the property of ONLY the Missouri Express. After signing a $40/2-season deal with them yesterday morning the Wrecking Crew had 24 hours to use Bird right (match the deal) and retain him. Despite threats to do so and accompanying trade demands, Wrecking Crew owner Carl Stello ended up letting Coleman go. After about 2 weeks of drama, this storyline is finally over.

Going forward the Wrecking Crew will rebuild. The team still has Alan Luff, Tanner Stello and Pacer Said, but also has signed a highly anticipated rookie in Ryan Littlefield and is planning to sign another rookie this offseason. As for Coleman, he now gets to play on a team where he feels the supporting cast is better and will no longer have to "carry the team," which was a big reason for wanting to leave.

When the Crew and Coleman meet again — this time on opposite ends — will there be bad blood?

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