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Bison Trade Erik Titus To udogs For $90 Stock Money

In arguably one of the biggest trades in league history, the Columbia Bison have shipped away the face of their franchise, Erik Titus to the underdogs in exchange for $90 of Stock Money. The Bison also included Adam Luoto in the deal, however, the underdogs released Luoto immediately after the trade.

Ever since last season ended, Bison management had reportedly been shopping Erik Titus around. Several teams reported that the Bison's asking price was "too high," but apparently for underdogs GM, Brock Johnson, $90 of Stock Money was a fair bargain.

Prior to the trade the underdogs had $100 of Stock Money and now have just $10. The Bison on the other hand had $120 via wining the Stock Check Lottery a couple weeks ago and now have a whopping $210.

Erik Titus was an all-star in JAL 15 (rookie season), but last season struggled to be productive as a pitcher and no doubt regressed at the position. Batting-wise most agree that Titus was just as good as before, if not better. At the young age of 16, the underdogs say they still believe in Titus' upside despite a having a down season.

As for the Bison, earlier this offseason the team signed rookie Yancy Bird who they believe will be a better pitcher than Titus and would replace him as the team's ace arm anyway. Aware that the Bison were attempting trades involving him, Titus also called out Bison owners James French and Jacob Rahn in a recent interview saying he disagreed with the direction they were taking the franchise as of late. Some feel those comments may have contributed to the Bison's aggressiveness in trading him.

At this time Bird is now the only player on the team, however Bison managers Jacob Rahn, Luke Rahn, James French and Isaac Kjose are expected to sign themselves back on the roster soon.

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