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James Manthe Rejects Sasquatches Offer to Re-sign

James Manthe promised at the end of last season that he would play for a new team in JAL 17 after being part of the Sasquatches 1-7 JAL 16 season. At the beginning of the offseason though, Manthe flirted with the idea of coming back to the Sasquatches based on the fact that the team had signed a new rookie, Ryan Brown. After watching video footage of Brown doing practice pitching and batting though, Manthe was no longer interested again saying the footage wasn't convincing enough that the team could be playoff-level good.

Regardless, the Sasquatches recently threw an offer in Manthe's face of $16/2-seasons. Today he formally rejected the offer and says he will hold out for an offer from another team.

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